Arna Interior Design Studio is based in London. We are a small studio of diverse creatives that thrive on collaboration and originality. With creatives and expertise in varied fields, the studio combines unique talents to create groundbreaking, bold projects and spaces for clients worldwide. 

Our extensive range of design services spans the spectrum of both residential and commercial Interiors. We specialise in Project Management and ensure a seamless journey from concept to completion. 

For those seeking a truly unique space, our Bespoke Furniture Design Service is the perfect choice. We meticulously craft sculptural furniture pieces, tailored to your home’s aesthetic, ensuring every detail is perfect. This creates an atmosphere that’s truly one-of-a-kind, reflecting your unique style.

We also offer striking Mural Designs suitable for residential and commercial settings, adding a touch of artistry to your space. If you want to present your home, we offer Home Styling and Interior Photography to suit your vision.

We are open to all ideas, so please get in touch if you have an idea in mind or are seeking consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Arna launched Arna Interior Design studio in 2019 after changing careers as a prop maker. She put all her energy into creating a business that harnessed the best of her skills and creativity, combining her passion for colour with her vast knowledge of materials and design.

Arna grew up in Iceland and moved to London in 2013. Arna specialises in creating interior spaces with bespoke sculptural elements, murals and artworks. She works with many of the best makers and creatives in the UK to bring original ideas to life. With Arna’s experience as a Maker, she can support imaginative ideas with realistic and tasteful design solutions that will fit your space.



Billie Achilleos is our head sculptor. She specialises in sustainable design and takes a unique approach to material choices to create elaborate sculptural work. Billie and Arna’s collaboration started when they both worked in the theatre industry. Billie’s experience working across multiple commanding art industries makes her the perfect teammate in any creative project, creating a fantastic solution to your creative ideas. Her enthusiasm and professionalism make complicated projects fun to work on.


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Gudrun Studio is our Icelandic Design Collaborator. Gudrun started her fashion design brand in 2017 and has since branched out into multiple creative fields. Her can-do attitude and incredible style make her the perfect designer for both residential and commercial projects. Having known each other for more than 10 years, Arna and Gudrun make for a great design duo, bringing any space to life with their vision and personal approach to each project. 


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Lauren Andrews from Simply Good Studios is our Creative Consultant. Lauren and Arna’s creative collaboration started when they shared a flat in the heart of Hackney Wick. They’ve worked on numerous projects together. Lauren works tirelessly to create our beautiful website, brand identity and social media strategy. Her amazing creative vision and perfectionism are a feast for the eyes.




Maria Stavang is our Photographer and takes all the photos of our finished projects. Her impeccable eye for detail and experience in commercial and interior photography take spaces to the next level. Her talent and patience help clients showcase the best side of their interior spaces.




Matthew John Hurford, our Master Carpenter, helps bring our ideas to reality by creating truly unique pieces for our clients. Matthew and Arna started their collaboration by designing a bespoke media unit for a private client. Matthew’s incredible craftsmanship, experience, and solution-minded personality help bring our many creative ideas alive. Having a skilled furniture maker is key to many of our bespoke projects.