This stunning three-bedroom apartment was a pleasure to work on. The renovation of this space in the English Countryside was an exciting project. My aim was to bring the property which was previously an office space, then a rental flat for many years to its original beautiful 3 bedroom home. The modern kitchen and bathroom brought an upgrade to the house and created a beautiful space for the new tenants to live in. Adding traditional details such as wall mouldings and warm oak flooring creates a cosy home yet complements them by bringing in a contemporary feel.

I added more storage options in the kitchen by utilising a storage cupboard for the oven and moving the washing machine under the stairs. This new space now feels inviting and somewhere you’d love to start your day.

Adding new oak flooring in the dining and living room brings a warm and bright feeling to the space. Most of the furniture is second-hand that I sourced from various markets and online, giving the flat a lot of personality and colour. I enjoy incorporating sustainable options within my interiors and like working with my clients to make this a possibility.

For the bathroom, I used crisp porcelain tiles throughout bringing that luxurious feel into the home. I adjusted the layout of this room to create a more open space and added some character with the unique glass shelves and styling.