This harmonious living space merges creativity with functionality. Seeking inspiration from natural landscapes, this metropolitan apartment evokes a sense of tranquillity and rest. This modern flat incorporates new sophisticated technology but has a calm atmosphere. With a panoramic view of the River Thames, experiences of nature were the essence of the design process.

Bespoke sculptural furniture pieces, designed by Arna Interior Design Studio, are critical to the cohesive design. They showcase a personalised touch that resonates throughout the flat. Our team carefully crafts the pieces, embodying functionality and aesthetic appeal with a fantasy flair.

The living room’s wooden, deep red-toned floors evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere, complementing the focal point, the bespoke sculptural media unit.

The media unit is crafted from a unique combination of layers of birch plywood and stone effect tiles. It is more than just a piece of furniture—it’s a sculpture.

Twisted wood branches weave around the shelves, creating a fantastical and organic design. Within this intricate structure is a cosy fireplace, adding warmth and a touch of tradition to the otherwise contemporary setting.

Art plays a significant role in tying the interior together. Taking the opportunity to tap into London’s vibrant art scene, we handpicked artworks by local artists to adorn the walls.

The flat’s overall aesthetic is a seamless fusion of bespoke craftsmanship, art and new home technology. It is a space that invites creativity while providing the comforts of home, making it a truly unique residential project in the heart of London.

The kitchen is a stunning blend of vibrant colours and practical design, highlighted by a deep mulberry colour scheme and a marble countertop featuring reds, pinks, browns, and hints of purple, orange, and green. This dramatic palette creates a waterfall effect along the countertop’s edge, enhancing the kitchen’s visual appeal and making it a perfect space for entertaining. Sleek grey bar stools provide a stylish contrast and a comfortable spot for dining and socialising.

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern conveniences, including an Aga stove, a built-in coffee machine, and a wine cooler, ensuring functionality meets style. Essential appliances like a large fridge, integrated dishwasher, washer-dryer, and a boiling water tap streamline meal prep and kitchen tasks, making this space eye-catching and highly efficient. This kitchen demonstrates that small spaces can be beautifully designed and functionally rich, making it ideal for casual gatherings and intimate dinners.

The bedroom features a stunning mural that ties with the round headboard of the bed, creating an elegant and warm mood and complementing side tables made of marble and wood that pair nicely with the mural. Above the bed hangs a unique ceiling sculpture designed by Arna Interior Design Studio, incorporating bronze-tinted mirrors that reflect the river’s light into the space, seamlessly integrating the outdoors with the interior.

Adjacent to the bedroom, the en suite is cleverly linked through fitted wardrobes leading to an intelligent glass wall that transitions smoothly from bedroom to bathroom, providing adjustable privacy. The bathroom is a luxurious retreat, featuring a bathtub, amazonite tiles and a wooden vanity with a brown marble-inspired basin, highlighted by a high-tech lighting scheme. This setup enhances the tiles’ beauty and allows for different atmospheres depending on the mood.